Sweeping it under the Rug?

In the front yard of our beautiful home in Hampton, VA there is a spot that lower than the rest of the ground level.  The grass grows so well that you cannot see it until you step in it and roll your ankle- ouch! So what do you do about it?  You can bring in dirt, but then you have an ugly bare spot until the grass grows through.  Bring in sod, but if the grass is not the same type it will stock out visually. So we did the only thing we could do- made it into something beautiful!

101_1022 The end of day one:  we purchased the cement rounds as well as the grotto and the statue of the Virgin Mary.  My husband had some old cinder blocks which he use to place under the statue to raise it up and quick dry cement to bond it level, then we filled the rest in with organic potting soil mixed with top soil dug up from an old project (a garden path).

Then came the fun part- plants!  Most of the plants I somehow related to Mary- Roses, wisteria and blue aster, the elfin thyme was kind of a stretch but it likes Mediterranean soil, rosemary, the silver dust for the money paid to Judas, Gomphrena (tuscan rose), moss roses, chrysanthemums, pansies (just because) and beautiful blue heather.  Here it is in process:


Did you notice the wisteria is planted right behind the grotto?  We had already been training it in a bucket to be a tree instead of a bushy vine.  Our plan with this is in a few years to have it growing like a weeping cherry behind and around the grotto for both a colorful frame and a little extra protection from the elements.

And of course we wanted it to be visible at all times, so we added some solar lights to shine up on our statue.  This keeps it from adding to our light bill, they come on without us having to think of it and there are no cords stretched across the yard from the house.  It’s great!  Take a look below.

101_1036The lights are sunk in just inside the cement quarter round to keep them from detracting from the rest of the garden.  I have since pushed them a little further in so you don’t even see them at all now.

So the finished product, Mary and her garden in all her glory, mulched and giving major curb appeal looks like this picture here.

101_1025 Those pansies are really poorly named- I hear people call someone who is weak a pansy but even with the snowpocolypse of this year, they survived! Of course, so did the supposed annual mums.  I am excited to tell you also that we now have honeybees and bumble bees in our yard, which had been conspicuously absent for a while.

This year we are putting in three garden beds with a five year plan to take over the front yard. What do you think about this post, the garden yard, anything at all? Let me know!


Something old, something new

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